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PSA: Telus Device Care Plan Change


LG V30 number six died on me yesterday.  After the first five went back for poor screen uniformity, the sixth was great for a couple of months.  When I picked up a V30, I figured I would add device care because it's a glass device and knowing that LG doesn't warranty devices for non-uniform screens.  LG specifically calls it, "a manufacturing characteristic".  Device care also used to offer up an in-store exchange instead of having to send out your device for repair or warranty replacement.  Sadly, this is no longer how the ad-on works.  


When I called in yesterday, I was told that device care only covers physical and water damage to a device that is basically not covered by the manufacture's warranty within the warrant period and extends the warranty against other issues after the manufacture's warranty expires.  For anyone who used a case and screen protector on their device, it pretty much makes the first year of paying for device care absolutely useless and a waste of money!  


Telus should be ashamed for taking out the must useful reason behind the device care plan and for not informing customers and employees of this change so customers can actually make an informed decision based on factual knowledge!  This change to the program went through during the summer of 2017 and yet most store employees are not even aware of the change. This lack of knowledge even extends to the Telus Executive Office, where a person I was put in contact with yesterday from that office wasn't even aware that the front line benefit to the program was actually removed.  



It's sad, isn't it? I wanted an LG V30 so badly. Cat Sad


I don't think device care is solely Telus's doing; Asurion has something to do with it also. But it's impossible for all employees to know all things, to know of all changes to everything within a company. I certainly don't know every change made within my agency, and within my own department I don't often get changes in a timely fashion. You'll get that lack a lot when dealing with the government, with gov reps. Expect it there, as everywhere. On the flip-side, if a rep of anything tells you they know everything about everything, they have delusions of grandeur. Cat LOL It's just impossible.

I really liked the V30 as well.  It had way better sound than the Galaxy S9+ I have now.  The wide-angle camera really was a treat to use at Niagara Falls.  


I don't know why Telus even bothers with Asurion.  When I had issues with my Nexus 6 that was covered under them through device care.  They went on and on about how the phone I had to be sending in should be pristine, which it was, and so on or they wouldn't replace it.  It's a good thing I let them send me the replacement first.  That piece of crap they sent me looked like they played floor hockey with it on a bed of gravel!  It was so bad, I sent it back to them, sent pictures of what I received to the Executive Office, and they accelerated my device upgrade instead.  The attitude I got from one of hte higher ups at Asurion after filing a complaint, was that I should have been lucky to even have received a replacement.  As long as Telus uses Asurion for their out of warranty device care.  It isn't worth it, at least in my personal opinion, to pay for.  Especially if your phone is still within the manufacture's warranty period.