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Not getting delivery receipts with Samsung S3 on LTE

Just Moved In

I've noticed that when I send a text messge to someone using a different carrier (Wind Mobile) AND request a delivery receipt, I *NEVER* get the delivery

receipt notification when my Samsung Galaxy S3 shows a "LTE" connection (Ottawa). The recipient *DOES* get the text message.


If my phone shows "4G" then I *ALWAYS* get a delivery receipt (usually within a few seconds). 


Is there a reason for this and can it be fixed ? Does the network mode used by the recipient of the text message have

anything to do with this (for instance if they were using HPSA when I am using LTE) ?





Friendly Neighbour

Not actually sure, but can't the person deny sending a delivery receipt? I know you can do that for emails, and text messages are essentially small emails...