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Nexus 4 LTE - What to expect


I've used a nexus 4 for a few years now and its been great had to replace quite few parts on it already but had to do some software modifications for those who wish to pursue use of software modifications/rooting to get permanent LTE the hardware is there and the community at XDA has done it. You can do temporary LTE on your own Nexus 4 by doing the following:


(Do note LTE access like this does not require root but this will not stay after a reboot you will have to do it each time unless you wish to root and modify a few things)

Open the dialer and type *#*#4636#*#* this will open an menu got to "Phone Information" and select the "Set prefered network type" dropdown and select the "LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)" the phone will disconnect and then reconnect to telus and you should have 4G LTE with Band 4 speeds. Some areas may not have LTE service so selecting the multiple type auto option will have the phone back down to GSM in case that LTE service is unavalible. Hope you all liked this happy use of your nexus 4!


These are some of the speeds you should expect from your nexus 4


Tested on application from the playstore:


(Your results may vary)


Download: 81.14 Mb/s

Upload: 21.42Mb/s

Ping: 54ms

Server: Edmonton, AB


Remember the nexus 4 LTE capabilities will never function on any other network type than BAND 4 remember that! Hopefully Telus does not discontinue BAND 4 service anytime soon as these download speeds have quite the effect on the use of streaming, etc.


Your welcome everyone!