How to charge an app purchase to your Telus account?


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Just Moved In
When you're purchasing an app from your mobile store it gives you the option to charge it to your Telus account, but you need to set it up online. Any idea how to do that? (Windows phone).

Hi there, you need to have an account setup with windows and it should work. You can also have a look here, it's a free service, you'll be provided with a Visa credit card. Once you have it, your card can be linked to your bank account and you can transfer money to the card. Let's say that you transfer 20$ to it, once it's complete, you'll receive a text message saying that your balance is 20$. Use this credit card to complete your purchase. It's safe and you can use it with Paypal or any online transaction you wish to proceed. You can use it like a regular credit card in many places, depending on the balance you add to it.