Either MMS or Data doesn't work on an unlocked Samsung Galaxy A5 (SM-A520F)


Bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy A5 from Amazon (2007, SM-A520F), inserted my Telus SIM, everything worked except MMS (could not send or receive).


Called Telus support, they sent the APN and MMS configuration profiles, which fixed the MMS but broke data completely.

Spent 30 minutes on the phone with support, tried a bunch of access point configurations, no luck (data won't come back).


Did a factory reset on the phone, data (LTE) came back, but MMS is broken again Smiley Sad




Current access point settings:



APN: sp.telus.com

MMSC: http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/mmsc

Multimedia message proxy:

Multimedia message port: 80

MCC: 302

MNC: 220

APN Type: default,mms,supl

APN Protocol: IPv6

APN roaming Protocol: IPv4

Mobile virtual network operator type: GID

Mobile virtual network operator value: 54


All other values are not set.



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Community Power User

Your settings do not match those from Telus' support page for MMS. Using an IP address for a proxy or server is a bad idea as they can change from time to time. The multimedia message port on your settings is also incorrect.


Update the form fields with the TELUS APN settings in the table below.

This table lists the correct APN settings for our 3G (HSPA) or 4G LTE services. Other fields may be present. They can be left blank and unchanged, and they will not impact your use of the service.
Note: Enter the details exactly as listed below. Errors may prevent the service from working.


Field Entry Details
NameTELUSThe name is only the description of the APN, and does not impact the settings on device. For convenience, enter TELUS.
APNsp.telus.comAccess Point Name: Data and picture messaging will not work without this entry.
MMSChttp://aliasredirect.net/proxy/mmscMMSC settings allow the handset to send and download picture and video messages (MMS). Some incoming MMS will still display without these settings. However, it will be impossible to send any MMS without them.
MMS Proxymmscproxy.mobility.caAs above.
MMS Port8799As above.
MCC302Mobile Country Code: Unique identifier for the mobile phone operator/carrier.
MNC220Mobile Network Code: Another unique identifier.
APN typedefault,supl,mmsNote: Do not leave any spaces when entering default,supl,mms for services used on APN. When an application accesses the network, it provides an APN type when it requests access for data. If default,supl,mms is not an option, choose internet&MMS option from list.


Some Samsung devices have also had issues with IPv6 enabled.


Sweet, changing the proxy and port settings did the trick, thanks a lot!