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Question maybe someone knows the answer, why in the Samsung galaxy s7 edge and s7 there is no mobile toggle button in the quick panel settings? I know some people will google as taking it away, and some will say network carrier's, but why in US, Europe, and other places in the world have data toggle switch, but telus mobility doesn't add this? Thank you

Helpful Neighbour

Hi Mattie37,


Are you referring to the switch to turn on your mobile data and find out the usage?  There is a data mobile toggle switch on the Galaxy S7. 

1) From the home screen tap Apps

2) Tap settings

3) On the Settings screen tap Data Usage

4) The next screen will show you a chart with the amount of data measured by your device

5) The next item below is the Mobile Data button to turn the data on or off


Hope this helps!!!


Friendly Neighbour

It's very ridiculous that Telus removes the quick panel toggle for data and hotspot from the S7.   I know you guys charge an insane price for cell phones and data (collusion with other carriers is great isn't it?),  but at least let us manage data better by not removing some toggles that are frequently and easy to access to allow us not to go over our very expensive data plans into stupid expensive overage charges.

Hi Carr0498, TELUS does not remove UI features such as data toggles. For example, on my LG G4 , which is an even older device, I can easily turn off data from the quick access menu. 🙂  Cheers! 

Community Power User
Community Power User

@carr0498 wrote:

It's very ridiculous that Telus removes the quick panel toggle for data and hotspot from the S7.  



This complaint is all over the internet. It is not limited to Telus.

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It certainly is the case on Samsung devices.  Has been since the S4 got an Android 4.3 update.  Yes, I do think there is a lot of back and forth between ISP's and OEM's like Telus and Samsung on what to include and what not to. Not sure who dictates to whom but in "collaboration" items like data toggles are removed from quick access panels making it really hard to get to those settings and toggle them on and off.  One option is to use Samsung's Good Lock ui which you can get from the Samsung Galaxy store.  It has the data toggle in the quick access panel.  I use no more or less data when not having it there, it's just super frustrating that the decision was made to remove it.

I believe if it was samsung, our U.S. neighbors would also be complaining....unfortunately good lock isn't compatible with nougat. Worked great with marshmallow. I'm waiting for them to update it...I found a work around with nova launcher to allow at least a button that takes me to the data toggle within the settings.

I've got a samsung S7 and I can turn my data on and now and before the update a couple weeks ago

Friendly Neighbour

We're talking via toggle button in the notification menu.   It is possible going 3 layers into the settings to toggle on and off, however that's not the feature we're discussing.    If you have the quick toggle, more details would be informative. (apps installed, rooted, etc). 

Friendly Neighbour

Thanks to people at XDA, there is a way to restore toggle on Nougat updated S7's.  No root required, however does require some specific instructions.


NOTE: if you do not understand what to do, do not attempt!!!!  Ensure you have zero doubts, as this CAN ruin your quick settings if you do it incorrectly.


Search for "How to Restore the Mobile Data Quick Settings Toggle on Samsung Galaxy Devices" on the XDA website.  It works, I just did it, and followed the steps.  I read in the comments section also that you should paste the data outputted from the GET command into notepad, and make sure it is 1 line (delete all line breaks), before you attempt to paste it into the PUT command.  Also, you can add the Hotspot toggle (again read comments)


Feel free to ask me any questions and I can try to help



Thank you for sharing this, I'll give this a try 🙂


It's really depressing to see how greedy Telus and other carriers are for removing the mobile data toggle from the quick settings panel, I've gotten phones in a few other countries and they never took that out of your control. A friend had an old iPhone from Telus with the same thing, no data toggle, very obvious they want you to trip over your mobile data quota 😞


Every iPhone I have owned has a Cellular Data Toggle in Settings > Cellular > switch on or off cellular data. It's not that far to go.  iPhone has the option in the quick access menu for a few generations now. I will admit the 3Gs did not work the best with data off, but all iPhones since have been just fine with data turned off.


You can also prevent all apps from accessing cellular data, if you choose, so the phone willingly access those apps when you are connected to Wi-Fi. SWMBO gets by on considerably less than 100MB / month by using these options.


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Since finding out about this, I've created both detailed documentation, as well as an automated script (bat file) which does the same.

You can check it out here in the Samsung community pages

These settings are restricted based off of the carrier requesting it to be coded into an update that recognizes the SIM to disable certain menus.  So, Telus would have had to request that Google implement this, just like AT&T always does. in order for these settings to not show.  Simply pop in another SIM, like a T-Mobile USA SIM and see the difference.  


This is something I have argued with AT&T over when I bought my girlfriend a Nexus 6P and she couldn't access the Network Selection menu.  Removing the SIM showed the menu and the menu showed up with my T-Mobile SIM in it.  As soon as she put her AT&T SIM in it, the menu disappeared.  

@Syaoran-- This confuses me. Why would Telus remove the data notification panel button on phones on their network, but not on tablets on their network?

Friendly Neighbour
Probably because on cell phones there's more of a risk of going over your allotted data and having to pay overage fees.

Samsung says it's not Samsung doing it... Telus says it's not Telus doing it...the feature is there by google....who did we believe?

I use WiFi more on my LG tablets, so I'm guessing if I used data much at all, I'd use more data on my tablets than on my SS7 phone. I don't use data now on my phone except for text pics, and then the data is so easy to reach it's stupid. I really don't see the problem. Nor do I see what Telus, or anyone, gains by removing this button; overages aren't a legit reason. If people want to use extreme data on their phones, they'll turn it on and leave it on, where the button is placed won't stop that. So what's the reason? Though this confuses me, it's not a problem for me, so I won't extend my querying. Cat LOL Lazy, I know.

My guess on the reasoning is that most phones push data regardless of whether you are using an app or not.  E-mail clients have push settings, garbage like Facebook and Facebook Messenger have incredibly aggressive push notifications that consume a lot of data, app automatic updates, etc.  If you go over your data limit, that is extra money for Telus, AT&T, and other carriers that participate in this kind of greedy practice.  When you look at things like iMessage on Apple.  With data turned off and no WiFi connection, it just doesn't work.  


Apple actually does that on purpose to basically make the carriers happy by making data required for their devices and making the device use data purposely so the carrier it is on can make more money.  The carrier is obviously going to want to sell you a product that will make them more money just from general use.  

Community Power User
Community Power User


MOST (maybe ALL) phones allow the user to determine which Apps have access to cellular data, so you, the user, get to determine which Apps get premium access, and which can wait until you have Wi-Fi access again. Even iMessage will send SMS to you if you have data turned off, and no other iOS devices running, so Apple, too, designed phones which can be set to reduce data consumption.


There is no conspiracy here, though any carrier is happy to sell you the data you wish to use.


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NFtoBC has to be some sort of bot from about a decade ago.  

Reading around on this today I was dismayed to see how little interaction people have with their devices; everybody wants an easy button for everything, like the Staples "That Was Easy" button. I have one on office desk and I push it often. Smiley LOL Not even kidding.


I also installed two apps for adding the quick button, all are incompatible.  Then I went to my connections, and looking around I thought maybe it's good the "easy" data button is gone, because going into settings forces the user to interact with their data usage, they can't avoid seeing what they've used, whereas the easy button keeps them oblivious of usage. Forcing people to see won't stop everybody from overusing, but I think it may help people who want to stay within their budget.


And there's an XDA how-to article posted in this thread I forgot to mention earlier. Before you go into your phone to play with the code, go into your browser and play with the code. If you're too afraid to do that -- DO NOT touch the code in your phone.