Can I have two hand me down devices added to my account for $30/each??


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I have two used devices, I'm going to be upgrading my device and wanted to give my daughters the two used devices but I don't want to put them on their own plan, I want to keep us all together on one account/plan. Can I do this? 

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You should be able to use the "Your Choice" plans to get close to what you want. Small number of minutes and shared data on one account. Check your account online to see if you can add SIM only plans to your current account, or call Telus to work through your needs. 

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The current bring your own device 30$ gives you 300 local minutes. Pretty sure you can have 2 BYOD on the same account as long as one subscriber on a your choice plan has a shared data bucket added to their plan. The cheapest is 20$ for 300 mb.