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Buying Pixel 2 from Telus or Google?


Hi there, I recently ported over from Rogers to Telus and i'll be buying a new phone soon. I'm looking at the Pixel 2 and I was wondering if i'll be better off ordering the phone from Telus for features like VoLTE and Wifi Calling (if they make it available for the Pixel 2). Normally i'd just order it unlocked from Google but i've heard that Telus won't enable those features if you didn't buy the phone from them. 


Can anyone give me any insight on this? The phone is actually $100 cheaper from Google right now but i'd rather not miss out on VoLTE and Wifi calling in the future either.


Community Power User
Community Power User

At the moment, Telus does not support VoLTE or Wi-Fi calling on non-Telus devices. This does not necessarily mean they don't work with these services, as there have been reports of users with non-Telus phones accessing them. If these services are important to you, I recommend buying the Telus device, if not a deal breaker - you can roll the dice and buy the lower cost one direct. I assume you can return it if dissatisfied, and purchase the Telus one instead. 


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Thanks for your reply. A guy from another forum told me his unlocked Pixel 2 uses the Telus carrier software once the Telus SIM card was installed and VoLTE works so I guess i'll go the unlocked route and hopefully Wifi calling will work once it's rolled out to this device.

Any updates?

Google branded phones get updates from Google, not carriers!  There is absolutely no difference between the Pixel and Pixel 2 phones sold by Google and Telus and that includes software.  VoLTE works perfectly fine whether you buy it from Telus or not.