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BLU phones - Popular Affordable Android Phones


Hello, in he past, I heard telus took an unfavorable stance in regards to these phones.  I hate the word grey market, and Android phones these days are becoming far from it, Take a look at the One plus devices, as well as the BLU Android phones.  These phones provide some great specs, and in most cases the same name brand parts, theyère just new players, and widely accepted in other parts of the world.  So my question is, is anyone Successfully using a 3rd party andriod phone, Such as the BLU Dash 5, or the BLU life series on telus, with texting, Data, and APN settings?  It would be really great if they were, and if others are starting to.


Community Power User
Community Power User

My friend got a One+ recently and didn't have to put any settings in. Just started working once the SIM card was installed. Data, texting, voicemail etc. If you can get your hands on a One+ invite, I'd recommend getting one of them. He got his invite off of the Edmonton subreddit on Reddit though you may have better luck here.


I looked at BLU phones but I'd stay away from them. Yes they are cheap but almost all of them are running Android 4.2 and the phones have some pretty weak specs. The biggest problem with the really cheap phones is they are built cheaply and never get software updates.


Blu Dash 5 I'd be really cautious about the specs. and more detailed

- 4GB storage, 512MB ram (both bad, especially on Android 4.2)

- 480x854 pixel screen

- GSM: (not compatible with Telus) on 850/1900 (Rogers/Fido only)

- 3G: Only the D410a model might be compatible with Telus' 3G. The D410i model will not because of the 2100MHz frequency used for it.


Telus has the Alcatel OneTouch Idol X+ that was similar price (was $250 in store not online) to the BLU Dash 5 but had far better specs.


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Yeah I know the specs are not the best, I researched the same version of the phone (the 410a version), and it seemed people struggled with the apn settings...I would LOVE to get a 1 plus...but I have had ZERO luck getting an invite to purchase it 😞 I will try your suggestion.  If you know anyone who wants to help a brother out, let me know 😉

PS - I also accept that you're already helping a brother out with the redit link too, Much appreciated, 😉

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I got myself the Que 4.5 a few years ago.... while cheap.... you get what you paid for.

  • as mentioned.... there is no OS update.  I got this Wecal update that will not update.
  • screen is not sensitve to my taps comapred to my Samsung's or Priv
  • processor is slower
  • my Que uses a "forked" Android OS... some apps like Optik on the Go will not work on it.