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wifi booster

is telus wifi booster will increase our internet speed, currently our download speed range about 20 mbps and upload is 1 mbps, if i get telus wifi booster will the download and upload speed increase?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The answer is it likely will but there are many factors that affect wifi. You may wish to review this to see if there other things you should be considering:


Top 23 Reasons Why Your WiFi is Slow: Definitive Guide — SimpleWiFi

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


If I'm reading this right, you're located in a rural location and the question is upload/download rather than the actual WIFI performance in your residence?


If you have one of the outdoor antennas that connect to say a ZTE modem, a very good upgrade is to purchase a 2nd identical external antenna and take advantage of the ability of the hub to have 'two' external antennas.  Have them point pointed toward whichever tower you've selected to use, but turn one 90 degrees relative to the other i.e. still pointed in the same direction but spun about so that the plane of the antenna is 90 degrees to the other.  That antenna array is old school in radio and I found it happens to work quite well with these cell systems (my current post of  diminished Telus service notwithstanding)


I'd add, if just recently into this and you're seeing that dismal download that affects so much back/forth interaction, there has been a drop in upload rates that I've been experiencing since the end of May.  I don't know what the f is going on with that.