internet keeps dropping at random. but still shows connected

Just Moved In

I've been fitting this issue for years. No one seems to be able to find a solution. Randomly the internet disappears. I have be surfing then click a link and its gone. I still have Wifi connection to the router, The router lights are both on.  Most times I have to disconnect from the router and reconnect. This happens scrolling facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube.  Doesn't not matter if I use Chrome, Safari, for firefox.  We can watch Netflix using the Telus optik box app and get the spinning wheel of death at random. I also experience the same disappearing trick on a hard wired machine too. This happens totally at random across several devices.  One device can have connection the next is dropped.  Randomly web pages with partially load. some text, no pics, only part of the page. etc. 




Techs have came out to the house on many occasions. Checks the lines, replaced our router. moved ports at the main switch. Still no different.