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Wifi router behind Telus Moca Adapter


Hello all 
Looking for help and guidance here   

Had bonded service installed recently for internet and Optiv TV as an upgrade from Telus25  (now getting 50/10)  

Modem is TM3200 and Moca ECB6200 adapters have been installed to support 3 set top boxes and one also for a PC all in separate rooms

Wireless signal in the room with the adapter supporting the PC has very poor/weak signal  

Have been trying to set up a WiFi router as an access point behind the Moca adapter in that room to improve / extend connections for wireless devices  

I have read that it should not be a problem?  - However 

Internet connection speeds through the access point router via the Ethernet connection through the Moca adapter are as expected, in the area 50/10 

Wireless however is only in the area of 3/5
When connecting the access point router to Ethernet side of the TM3200 (by passing the Moca connection as test)  wireless speeds return 40/9
Are there settings or restrictions on the  Moca side I am not aware of that are restricting wireless connections from the access point router  

Tried setting up old DIR-615 and DIR-1750ac - both with similar results - Poor wireless speeds

Do I need Telus / Actiontec equip such as WCB6200Q WiFi Network Extender with Bonded MoCA to make this happen?

Any help and guidance would be much appreciated