VPN PPTP connection over T3200m problem


 Hi All,


Is there a bug or done on purpose that router T3200m does not allow to establish connection to PPTP server ?

What is a recommendation to fix it ? 

What do you mean by "does not allow"? What are you seeing to draw that conclusion?

It is mean it does not work, laptop with pptp vpn setup works normally when is on network with internet connection and it can be anywhere where there is not T3200m router. 

Network with T3200m what provides wifi, tv, internet does not work when I try to connect using PPTP VPN. It is a problem with routers, they crashed, disconnect wifi or rest network ports, sometimes have to rebooted to work again. I changed VPN settings to use L2TP and this kind of VPN work. 

I tested problem in two different locations.


PPTP is an obsolete very insecure protocol. I'm not surprised many routers don't support it.