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Slow connection on Telus Fibre 750

Just Moved In

As the title reads, since switching to Telus Fibre 750 my download speeds are nowhere near the 750. 

I have tried plugging directly into the back of the T3200M router, as well as the Huawei ONT box, and I consistently get 300-350 when downloading a game off steam, or xbox for example Buddy of mine is with Shaw and can achieve the 600mbps he pays for 


When I run it tells me that I am getting 780, and on it tells me I am getting 1.3gbps (using gigabit ethernet, not sure how that's possible) so I feel like there is some tomfoolery going on and popular speed testing sites are not accurate. 


The built in speedtest on the modem says the same thing (300-350) 

I did have a telus tech come out here, but all he did was do a test on and claim that everything was fine and that there was nothing he could do. 


I do realize that 300+ is a heck of a lot better than what a lot of places get (I'm from a small town, and the max they can get out there is 25mbps) 

But when I'm paying for 750 and the only time I can achieve that is on small scale downloads on a speed testing site, I ask myself if it's even worth paying the $100 a month


I'm wondering if anyone else has had these issues, any insight would be great 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Call Telus and arrange to have a tech come out when they can and troubleshoot your connection. With fibre there shouldn’t be any issue hitting the advertised speeds, especially when hard wired.