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Short cuts for Original Gmail accout and Telus Gmail

Friendly Neighbour

I have had a Gmail account for a long time and with Telus's unfortunate (and almost deal-breaking) switch to GMail, I am now having issues easily accessing both accounts.


I have 2 Bookmarks in my Firefox: Gmail and Telus Mail.

  • Gmail is which takes me to
  • Telus is  (taken from somewhere in the help pages of the migration info)

I used to be able to just click on each and go to each Inbox, back and forth.  (Obviously, up to the migration, the Telus bookmark was different and took me to the old Telus webmail interface).

After the migration (about 2 weeks), Firefox is not liking either bookmark and will simply pretend to have some progression in loading the page but not actually change the screen (leaves me on whatever page I was on or on a blank page). Others have the same problem.  I did delete the FF cache for gmail and that seemed to work for a day or two.  Second "solution" was opening the bookmarks in a Private Window which works but forces a sign in and then a sign out to flip to the other account and a sign in for that account.  Annoying.


Ultimately, I end up downloading my mail into Thurnderbird but I usually use the webmail first to get rid of spam stuff first so I only download the "good stuff". I haven't got to setting up TB for the Telus Gmail servers yet.


Does anyone have a simple answer of how to have two Firefox bookmarks for the two Gmail accounts that will allow me to remain signed into both accounts and quickly & easily switch between them as I have been doing for years?


I am not interesting in changing browsers (or email client)


Thank you.



Also, as an aside, shouldn't we be getting a healthy discount on our internet bill since Telus has abdicated email responsibilities and opened us all up to privacy surveillance by google?  Not sure how to put a monetary value on privacy but I'm guessing it should be worth quite a bit considering how much business spend to collect, store, and analyze everything we do.  Just sayin'


Friendly Neighbour

OK, that was weird:  right after posting, I tried both bookmarks again and they worked as I would expect them to.  They didn't work just before I posted and I was using the same FF session.


So, I closed and reopened FF and tried again and I didn't have to sign in to either account and could click back and forth between accounts.  (Not using Private Window)


Maybe issue is intermittent?