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Running broadband line to rural property

Just Moved In

We are buying a property nw of Calgary (4 km north of Shane Homes YMCA) and need wired internet. Who can we connect with in Telus that knows if this is possible and how much it will cost? We are asking Shaw as well. Customer service has no clue. And yet I know it's been done before but by companies. We are a company but this is our personal residence AND home office. Hence the need for high speed. 



Running a custom fiber connection to a place outside the city can be prohibitively expensive.  You might wish to find a business or other place that can be connected to the existing fiber networks and then paying them to host it and your own private commercial wireless link to your property.  This is not home or flakey wireless, but robust networking.  If you've been to the top of Sulphur Mountain in Banff you would see them using this brand and type of equipment.