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Router will always randomly restart, never seen the uptime go over 24hrs.


I have a T3200M router and I have yet to see the uptime go over 24hrs. It always restarts, never at the same time of the day and sometimes will restart up to 5 times a day. I'm starting to get really tired of having this issue as my friend has the same T3200M and has over 200 days of uptime on his.



Scrolled down a bit, seen a post that had the same issue as me. I have google homes, smart lights, WiFi Booster, etc. (22 devices connected in total, maybe 4 of them are wired, can't entirely remember.) I am going to try to remove my smart lights and see if that solves anything. I also made sure I didn't have a bad power supply and/or bad power. Hoping for the best, I am tired of this happening all the time.

Helpful Neighbour
Maybe my post was the one you already saw.. (

Anyway, yea, I just summed things up in a final post. Would be nice to narrow down the exact reason, if you find more information that helps, awesome! Put it in the post so it all gets combined and Telus can see the big picture! Hope you find it!