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Hello, I have been on the phone with Telus for 4 hours with technical support, I have been on hold for customer service for one hour, I would like to send an invoice for my time, who do I send it?
I would also like to have the internet Plus which you charge $10.00/month for free for 12 months, your current offer is 3 months free. 



I think you will find that your service agreement indemnifies Telus from damages related to troubleshooting or loss of service, but you should check before "sending an invoice".


I think you are referring to Wifi Plus which Telus has made a subscription. Prices seem to vary between users. I was offered $5/month, another time it was $10/month. In my view you should not have to pay to have wifi work in your home. I encourage you to negotiate with Telus.

I think we’re talking about two different things.
The TELUS agreement does not cover my hours of service which is why I would like to know where to send my invoice. I had 3 phone calls totally 4 hours fixing my TV and internet problem. These 4 hours of my service need to be paid. I had to leave my paid work to assist TELUS with fixing the problem.
This is no different than any job I do, I give a service, I send an invoice.
Does that make sense to you?

Lorene Beckett, M.A.

It doesn't make sense to me. You bill Telus unless they contracted you to provide a service, and this does not sound like this is the case. It sounds like you are claiming damages resulting from lost hours of work. In this case the Limitation of Liability (para 52) of the Internet Access Service Terms would be most relevant, specifically the part about it being limited to $20. 

I think there is an opportunity to start to track hours Telus customers spend on hold and fixing Telus services.
If what you’re saying is true, from here on out, I will only accept a service call versus being a tech apprentice.

Lorene Beckett, M.A.