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Integrate networks from Boost Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi booster starter packs?

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I recently changed from Shaw to Telus based on a customer service representative somewhat overselling Telus advantages to me. For context: I have the Fibre500 and the Boost Wi-Fi 6 in a 3 story townhouse ~1200 sq ft. Unfortunately, we have several dead zones in our house despite a seemingly good connection to the Boost Wi-Fi 6 network. Accordingly, Telus sent us two Wi-Fi boosters in the starter pack to help resolve our deadspots. Upon installation, however, it seems that this just sets up an additional secondary network. Various forum posts and internet searches seem to confirm that the Boost Wi-Fi 6 and the booster starter packs are not compatible, but some posts seem to indicate that they can be compatible.


My question: am I able to integrate the network from the Boost Wi-Fi 6 with the network from the additional boosters?


I'm happy to try to setup and customize a more advanced network behind the scene if need be. Otherwise, I am not sure that the booster starter pack solved my problem as having 2 separate networks in such a small house is unnecessary. For context: none of this was an issue with our Shaw devices and network.


The networks from the booster starter packs aren't even showing up in my Telus Connect app.


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Community Manager

@jester23 The  Boost Wi-Fi units are not compatible with the Boost Wi-Fi 6 units, unfortunately. Just for background, can you describe where, in the home, the wireless access point is located? 

Just to be clear, what do you mean by the wireless access point? The network access hub? Or the location of any of the Boost Wi-Fi or Boost Wi-Fi 6 units?


The network access hub is on the 1st floor in our utilities closet (we live in a townhouse strata). The Boost Wi-Fi 6 unit is on the 2nd floor in the 2nd bedroom/office (which is not centrally located). The two additional Boost Wi-Fi units are in the downstairs closet (ethernet wired to the Network Access Hub) and our master bedroom.


There was no way to centrally located the Wi-Fi 6 unit, as we have a 3-story townhouse that is more fairly narrow with no cable connection in a central location. Accordingly, we have coverage gaps throughout the house - our devices say we are connected with almost full connectivity but any speed test reveals <1 mbps.


I called Telus about that issue and, knowing this, they sent us the additional Boost Wi-Fi units but now we just have two networks. I'd much prefer a single, strong network so I don't have to switch between networks.


By comparison, the Shaw wireless device had no issues covering our entire home from the same location as the Wi-Fi 6 unit.