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Component connections on Arris VIP5662w not working

Just Moved In
Recently installed PureFibre with new Arris VIP5662 PVR. Managed to get installer to drop off optional Breakaway cable (din > component + rca audio). I need this to have RCA audio into AVR for patio speakers (analog only). The PVR -- through component cable -- is suppose to send video signal to Pioneer flat panel TV (as long as HDMI cable is also not connected -- it's one of the other). But when I reboot PVR, the initial screen splash (3 dots) does show on TV, then it goes blank and PVR shuts down. Tried this several times but fails with each attempt. HDMI works ok though. But I need the component cable option. Is there some instruction that I'm missing here?


Did you remove the hdmi cable? When HDMI is connected, the component is inactive due to some copyright stuff. It is called SOC(selectable output control).


Try changing the output resolution to 720p and both HDMI and component should work simultaneously.

The r/w audio will still work with HDMI cable and resolution set to 1080p however.


Helpful Neighbour

Did you manage to put the analog audio working simultaniosly with hdmi image?