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COVID-19. Data caps lifted. SmartHub as well?

Just Moved In

Hey neighbors, 


With Telus lifting the data caps with those of us without unlimited data plans due to the Coronavirus, does this apply to Smarthub users as well who are utilizing LTE networks for their rural internet needs? 


The telus website is quite vague on this and I don't want to burden the limited agents that are still in the office.


Thank you and stay safe,



Community Power User
Community Power User

Doubtful. The option for unlimited data on the wireline network already exists; Telus is just waiving the $15 fee. Since unlimited is not an available option on the Smarthub, it means a far different change than simply waiving the fee.

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Awww, that's so sweet of you to be concerned about the limited agents in office. Surprisingly, though on the mobility side we are not busy at all. The policy does not currently cover smarthubs, however if someone did get overages they can always call in and talk to someone because TELUS is pretty lenient when it comes to disasters like the forest fires and now the pandemic. 

Mobility Client Care Rep

Mobility_Princess or other Telus employee


Currently on my two SmartHub devices i have not been able to simply go over my limit, i have had to deliberately buy data top ups.

Is there a way i can get my devices moved to the new "double data" that is being offered, for the same price for the next 24 months? This sounds like a great solution for Telus to offer existing Clients and support our much heavier data needs while having the whole Family at home (and working from home) during this pandemic?


Your urgent assistance with this would be appreciated, as waiting on the phone seems impossible at the moment.


Much appreciated