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Actiontec T3200 MoCA connection

Helpful Neighbour

I've looked around a bit on the specific case for Telus Actiontec T3200s and the existing MoCA connection capability. 


Going in to configure it, I notice it requires a password for devices- I'm not sure exactly how that plays out with wifi devices (ie: mesh booster plugged in to a switch plugged into a receiving side MoCA adapter... wifi network has its own password)


Just so we're clear on where I am now- 


I've tested the MoCA signal through 2 adapters fed by ethernet from the Actiontec T3200. It works fine- so I know the system works. 


With the AT3200 my understanding is since it's already configured with the MoCA connection that I should be able to plug that directly into my house coax, plug a single adapter into the jack I want, then plug ethernet into the device / switch I want and it should work. 


But it doesn't. 


I've tried connecting straight into the MoCA adapter from the connection on the AT3200 but no joy there either. 


The only reason this is a "big deal" is that if I don't have to spend ANOTHER 60 bucks on a 3rd MoCA adapter by using the router setup then I'd like to do that. 


I can't help but think that MoCA password in the router menu has something to do with it... And yes I've got it enabled. 


Any guidance would be appreciated. 



Disble the MoCA privacy option and it should work.

Helpful Neighbour

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh- I'm an idiot. 


Okay- I wasn't reading that properly. What I saw was "MoCA ..." and assumed it was just enabling that function. 


Thanks for being polite about it lol. 

No, you are not being an idiot. You were smart enough to come here for help.

Glad to hear it's working now.