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Actiontec 6000Q next to VEN501

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Hello, I'm having poor WiFi performance in my house and, after complaining to Telus, they put in the following setup. I am trying to understand the setup so I know where the flexibility is to adjust settings or device placement and ultimately improve my home WiFi.


The setup is:

Telus Fibre -> Nokia ONT -> Actiontec T3200M -> Coax Splitter -> Coax cables to multiple destinations around the house.


The Coax destinations in use are:

  1. Coax -> MoCA -> Telus PVR
  2. Coax -> MoCA -> Telus Digital Box
  3. Coax -> MoCA -> 4-port switch -> Telus Digital Box / Actiontec 6000Q / Cisco VEN501


From what I can gather, the purpose of the VEN501 is to drive a digital box via wifi, but in this case the digital box is connected via ethernet to the switch, so I don't understand the purpose of the VEN501 here. Also, the VEN501 is almost certainly redundant and interfering with the 6000Q since they are sitting right next to each other. Hoping someone can help me understand the rationale behind this setup so I can begin to make appropriate adjustments. Thanks in advance!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Why not try without the VEN501, and see what happens? It is traditionally used for Optik TV, but you have that covered.

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