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Parental Control - Setting up Access & Restrictions on Home WiFi Network and Optik TV

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Are you familiar with the common saying, "moderation in all things"? Kids certainly don't, especially when it comes to Internet and TV. With TELUS, you have full control over your WiFi, and Optik TV, here is how:


1. My Wi-Fi app

With the TELUS My Wi-Fi app, you can manage your Wi-Fi any way you want. View/change password, check usages, and most importantly - pause Wi-Fi for all or specific devices. Click HERE to learn more. 




2. Optik TV

Optik TV offers multiple ways to control what everyone watches on TV. Follow the guide found HERE to learn how to filter by channels, programs, and more. 


3. TELUS tips

Learn to stay safe, informed, and vigilant on the internet with TELUS tips. You will find tons of materials, and even workshop at https://www.telus.com/en/wise


Short-cut is also available on the TELUS My WiFi app, look for the big tile on the app Overview page, see screenshot below! 





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