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Parental Control - Setting up Access & Restrictions on Home WiFi Network

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Are you familiar with the common saying, "moderation in all things"? Kids certainly don't, especially when it comes to Internet access. With your TELUS router, you can decide the day and time at which your kids' devices are allowed access to the web. Here are the steps. 

Launch your Web browser from the upper left corner of your computer's desktop.

2. Note: If your browser taskbar is not displayed, press Alt on your keyboard

3. In the address bar, enter and press enter. The Home screen will be displayed


4. To log in, type the following information:

    • Username: admin
    • Password: telus (unless you've changed it)


Select Login. The Welcome screen is displayed


5. From the top of the screen, select Advanced Setup.



6. From the left panel, under Blocking/Filtering, select Scheduling Access. 



7. You can now restrict access to specific devices using their MAC address, you can select device from the drop down menu, or enter the MAC address manually.  



8. Once scheduled, info will appear at the bottom. 



Not sure how to find the MAC address, please refer to our handy guide here.

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