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I have a Technical support question about removing the ONT and using switch

Just Moved In

Hi I had some reasons why I wanted to remove the ONT for my business internet and use either a media converter or a 10G SFP plus/2.5G switch. So I went ahead and ordered the switch and tested it by first removing all the Telus equipment and using my own. I want to hook fiber directly into a switch and then to my 2.5G 4 port router. The switch I bought is this. QNAP Desktop QSW-2104-2S-US, Unmanaged Switch, 4 port 2.5Gbps auto negotiation (2.5G/1G/100M), 2 10G... It works well except the speed is 950mbps up and 950mbps down. I have 1570mbps with the Telus ONT in Full bridge mode however it cuts out often and I really wanted to replace the ONT with something that was my own equipment. Fiber directly into the switch provided the desired outcome except its not the speed I wanted. I think this is because SFP from TELUS is plugged into a 10G SFP+ port and limited to 1G speed. *My question is, how can I connect the TELUS fiber to SFP+ properly with a transceiver and get the 1.5G speeds? Which part would I need to order for myself to do that? I think the switch is not the issue but the SFP that telus provided us that is the barrier to being compatible with SFP+ 10G port and not allowing 1.5G speeds.

Are there any experts that can help with my task?



How are you measuring your speed?