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Video on Security system panel does NOT display


My Telus home security system was installed in August 2022. However, the security panel does not display images from the camera. 


I have contacted tech support several times and have been promised it to be fixed in 2-3 weeks. Now it is over 4 months !!!


Yes, I have spoken to the Loyalty group as well.


What is wrong with Telus - my friends are enjoying a fully functioning system from Bell.


Any suggestions?? 






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, I can understand how frustrating this could be. We will need to access your account to see what has been done to try and fix this and how we can resolve this once and for all. Our social media team would like to assist you further with this, can you please send us a private message through our official TELUS Facebook or TELUSSupport Twitter account? Thank you! 

Thank you very much


I noticed there are several Telus groups on Facebook. I do not know which group to use.

Could you please be specific or give me your email?

Community Manager
Community Manager

It would be through our official TELUS page, that you can find here:


sent you a test message - if you get it please let me know

Hey there, I see that one of our team members responded to you on Thursday, Please reply back there if you need additional assistance, thanks! 


I saw a reply from an unsatisfied customer. 

Are you referring to that/