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Swapping channels...

Just Moved In

Ok, so I go online to change my channels. It says "We are currently working on a new Pik TV web experience. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can easily add and remove channels on the My TELUS app." Cool, I have the app so I go there to change channels and it says "Sorry we are experiencing trouble connecting to the server at this time. Please try again later". Telus, this IS later. I got this error message yesterday. This is not the service that I was promised. I was told that it was super easy to change my channels and that I would not have to call in to do it. And what the heck is going on with not being able to scroll to see the guide? Yesterday I uninstalled and reinstalled the PikTV app and got the scroll feature back and today it's not working again. You guys sold me this Apple box, if it is not compatible with YOUR software it's up to YOU to problem solve!!! Overall, I'm not at all happy with this experience!!!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @DonnaGinCalgary 

Sorry to hear that!


If you are still experiencing issues when trying to make changes to your Pik Tv channels, we recommend contacting our technical support: so they can further investigate.