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PikTV's "Guide" won't display only my subscribed channels

Just Moved In

When I first installed PikTV on an NVIDIA Shield about 10 months ago, the Guide function worked correctly and would only display a list of channels that I am subscribed to and are free (about 25 channels). Now, for the past 4-5 months, the guide shows over 125 channels despite being set to "Show subscribed channels only". When I select any of the 100 non-subscribed channels, I get the error that I have no subscription to them.


I have rebooted the Shield, I have uninstalled and reinstalled PikTV, I've cleared the cache, I have logged out and logged back in --- but no luck.  I called PikTV customer support and they have no solution. They told me that there may be some "service problem in my area", which is vague and uselless. 


Any suggestions on how to fix this issue, please?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you removed the PikTV app, rebooted the shield then reinstalled the PiktTV app?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

There was a defect that was recently resolved with an app update. Do you have any Pik TV app updates available to you in the Google Play Store? I just checked on my Sony TV (same Android TV app as Nvidia Shield) and it's only showing my subscribed channels.

Friendly Neighbour

 I have a similar issue. I set to my channels. It works for a bit and then reverts. ARGH!!!