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TV box delivery time

Just Moved In
Last week, I've got Telus internet connected. And the technician guy said TV box will be delivered by mail.
But I haven't got any message about TV box delivery.
Should I wait more? or ask the dealership I ordered?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Did you order TV and internet at the same time? Or did you order TV afterwards? If you ordered them at the same time, the person who placed the order (if it wasn't placed via should have discussed with you on what date you wanted the TV service to start, and equipment should have shipped on that day. If you ordered TV after the internet, the equipment should have been sent immediately.


Normally, equipment is delivered within 3-5 business days (sometimes sooner depending on where you live), and you should have gotten 1. an order confirmation that you've ordered TV service including set-top box(ES) and 2. a shipping notification with tracking information if the order was placed.  


I would check in with whomever you talked to to ensure that they ordered both TV AND equipment as TV boxes are optional depending on your combo.