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Slow response remote

Sadly it has to be asked again, because ‘check posts from this week’ response isn’t valid 3 years later… hoping for a real answer!

Typing in search- you slide over 2 and press ok, it lags and you’ve just typed ‘as’ now. No where near what you wanted, and twice?
Scrolling menu- press channel up and it loads, wait 5 seconds press again, ….. no response. So you press again, and it skips a whole section. Now you need to wait to go back,
My tv (not optik) remote scans and types faster on Netflix, 3x as fast. It’s ridiculous! I’m ready to break this remote and cancel telus.
It lags- but grab it while it slips, It pushes a button.
Anything grazes it, it pushes a button. So tired of it. It doesn’t even have SOURCE/INPUT. What do I need it for!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry about that! Have you had the chance to speak with our Tech Support team about this? We also have a page on our website where you can get info on how to fix or replace your remote here: