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Signal strength

Why does my iPhone SE possibly the worst iPhone ever access optic TV in the most remote regions of my house while the optic box often struggles and it’s closer to the wifi unit. Looking for a amazing solution

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Wkmacd I would recommend an ethernet cable if that's possible. 


- Eric

Thank you for the suggestion. I will say and I don’t mean to be antagonistic “the point of it being wireless would then be?” My iPhone 6se and IPad both are able to access the service farther away from the wifi point and don’t lag in using TELUSTV. It’s my unsupported opinion that the set top box has inferior wifi communication hardware. I’m sure Telus would recommend a signal booster to solve the issue but I’ve grown weary of alleged improvements in technology that are in actual fact a step back. Perhaps we need to revert to roof top antennas at least it’d provide the birds with more resting spots

In the spirit of trying to help I will say that the point of it being wireless is for convenience and to be able to put the TV box in more places that are not accessible via ethernet.


Myself I love my Wi-Fi but when I want the lowest latency and highest reliability for when I am gaming I use an ethernet cable from my PC to my modem and they're about 2ft away. 


You could get a booster for sure, but since it is also wireless you could run into a similar issue if the problem is a thick cement wall (for example).


In some newer houses all the wiring is done so you might just need to plug a cable into an ethernet port, plug it into the TV box and that's it.


- Eric