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Premium Theme Pack Question

Just Moved In

Hey all, question regarding one of the Premium Theme Packs.


When reviewing the Premium theme packs HERE , I only see a premium sports pack of "Sportsnet World Pack". However, when scrolling to the bottom of the page and reviewing the Channel Selection Guide PDF, I see there is actually an "Ultimate Sports" premium theme pack.


Anyone know why the discrepancy?




Community Power User
Community Power User

The Ultimate Sports pack is what is referred to as a Premium. When you choose one of the Plans (not the individual channel packs) and select one of the three that says "+ 1 Premium" like the PDF also shows at the top, the Ultimate Sports, which is basically the TSN and the Sportsnet packages, will appear in the cart before checkout. You'll have to click on Price Breakdown under the Optik TV section to see it. 



Price breakdown
4 Theme Packs + 1 Premium  $78.00/mo.

Netflix Premium Plan    $0.00/mo.
Prime Time              $0.00/mo.
TSN & Beyond            $0.00/mo.
Sportsnet & Beyond      $0.00/mo.
Blockbusters            $0.00/mo.
2 year term discount  -$10.00/mo.



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