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Optik series recording

Just Moved In

When recording a series, e.g Wimbledon Tennis 2021, the system does not capture subsequent events titled exactly the same, on the same channel, at the same, or any alternate time.  Thus, one has to manually enter each event.  In this case, early Wimbledon rounds, there are 3 TSN feeds at the same time, on at 2 and sometimes 3 different times a day, that have to be recorded individually. One posits that this is one reason we have the series recording function.   Very annoying.   Anyone know how to overcome this.  Thank you 



Because it's a live sporting event, it likely isn't tagged as a series. Think of hockey games. I could record a Canucks game, but it wouldn't record the entire season because they are tagged differently. I'd assume each round of Wimbledon is tagged as a separate event for each day. If you tried to set it to "anytime" and with "repeats" on, you'd likely record the same event when it's rebroadcast. Unfortunately, this is likely one of the events you'd have to manually set.