Optik randomly mutes the volume

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This has now happened twice in the past couple days (wireless 4K box). Watching tv and it just randomly mutes.
Flip to numerous channels - muted
Try a recorded show - muted
Turn tv off then back on - still muted.

Seems only solution is to unplug the optik box for a minute then wait while it powers back on and reinitializes (upto 5min).

What is the cause for this? And more importantly, how can I prevent this from happening again?

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Community Power User

What box are you using? Arris or Technicolor? I have never had this issue happen in all the years I’ve had Optik TV on all generations of the receivers.

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I’ve had optik for almost 5 years and have never had this happen before... now twice within a couple days. Weird, so figured I’d post up in the forum.
The same box/setup for just about 2 years.

When you say it's muted are you referring to the volume on the Optik box or the TV?

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Appears to be the box - as the actual mute icon for the tv is in a different spot - I can mute/unmute/increase/decrease the volume on the tv but no sounds come out.
Currently waiting now for about 15minutes while the latest mute restarts itself and the box does its initializing.
Thankfully this has happened AFTER todays football game ended.