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Optik TV box Freezes and Restart

Hello, can someone please help me with my Telus Optik Box issue? Whenever we do fast forward with our Telus Optik TV it freezes and the 4K box shut off for about 10-15mins then turn on again. Telus technician came already and did a diagnostic test and He said everything was fine but We are still experiencing the same problem. They even charged me $150 for techinician visit.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Is this happening with the PVR box? Or non PVR box? Which box do you have Technicolor or Arris? Is the box in an enclosed cabinet?

Hi, Yes it happens to the PVR box. We have the Telus 4K PVR box.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi JessM - can you provide us with the following information so we can take a closer look?

  • Can you provide us with your TV Box GUID number? This is on the sticker on the bottom of the TV Box. It is also available in Menu > Settings > System Information
  • Is your TV box connected via a wire or is it wireless?
  • How is your TV box connected to the TV? Is it through an HDMI cable?
  • When did this issue begin?
  • How many TV boxes do you have in your household? Is this occurring on all TV boxes?

Thank you!

TV Optik Box: ARRIS PVR box
Guid: fd4eb1a2-6246-4e62-a79e-9345bc408523
Connected through: HDMI

When did the issue begin:
It started when we created a new account, because our landlady terminated her previous account on telus, so we open our own account on April 2020. Then, they replace all equipment, the PVR, modem, and router which were all self-installed due to covid. That’s when the issues started especially on the optik tv box which never happened on the old model PVR box. Back then, the issue happens often. However, it even happens at least twice a day. We called technical supports but it’s only virtual because of pandemic and the issue was never fixed. Last Saturday, we decided to call for a pro technical support (home visit) and he did diagnostic test and cleared the lines on the internet, but there were no repairs that were made. He even said that we did a perfect job on installing and everything was running smoothly. But still, the issue was never fixed and it got a little worst. The internet was also an issue, because it never reach the speed that we subscribe for. It has never reach 500 mbps for both download and upload. We subscribe for the pure fiber Gigabit internet.

How many TV Boxes in our household: just one.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The tech should have given you their business card. Call them back, and they should be able to follow up on their previous task.

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Thanks for providing this information JessM. Our technical support team is looking into your issue.

It would also be helpful to get a log of the following:

  • Dates/times that the issue occurs
  • What activity was in progress when the error occurred (e.g., watching Video on Demand, scrolling the TV Guide, watching a recording, streaming Netflix,  etc.)
  • What troubleshooting steps you try each time
  • What activities do and don't trigger this issue (e.g., does this not occur when you watch a recording or Netflix?)

Thank you!


Ever since Telus upgrading me to fibre optic, I've had the same issue.

Their techs have been here 4 times, and their TV service still freezes and pixelates.

Their Loyalty department refuses to talk to me.

After 20 years, looks like its time for a change.