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Optik 4K PVR Aspect Ratio

Just Moved In

I'm hoping someone can shed a light on this issue. Seems my Optik 4K PVR randomly switches aspect ratio, changing from the 2160p 60Hz setting to the 1080p HD option.


I have a Yamaha RX-V385 receiver, an Apple TV 4K, Optik 4K PVR and the LG 55" UK6090 TV. All running current updates. The PVR and Apple TV run through the receiver which handles the switching. No HDMI-CEC settings are active. No issues with the Apple TV changing aspect ration / screen res.


Over the months I have tried;

  • a new 4K PVR.
  • swapping out the HDMI cables.
  • bought and replaced all HDMI cables with new ones.
  • reset all devices and setup again.
  • plugged the PVR and Apple TV straight into the TV with digital audio connection only to the receiver.
  • monitored if it happens after using an Optik app like Netflix or Amazon Prime or if switching from the Apple TV. It does not.
  • noticed it can happen even when the system is turned on for the first time in the morning.
  • changed the sequence and timing on how the system is turned on with Logitech remote.

It's not a major issue. Seems it is something only I notice. My wife does not. It's like hearing a rattle in the car or on the motorbike. It's only me that hears it.


Appreciate any insight, tips or suggestions.



Community Power User
Community Power User

I have a similar setup. Sony TV, Yamaha receiver and 4K PVR and a logitech remote. I've only experienced issues where the resolution changes while browsing recordings. Sometimes the fonts gets larger while other times they get smaller. Simply selecting an item and hitting OK results in the resolution correcting itself. FWIW I've experienced this with the older PVR, different receiver and on different TV's. It's very intermittent.


Just a long time customer hoping to help.

Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. Relieved a little in knowing I'm not the only one this is happening to. I have a new theory that only dawned on me this morning. It might be due to my internet speed being maxed out. Each time the speed drops or struggles the PVR changes the screen res to match what is available at the time.


I'm in an old building with old phone lines. As a result the max connection speed I can get is 80Mb p/sec. Add some 12 devices to it and you can see the problem. I'll have to check with the building manager and see if I can have some quicker installed.


In the meantime I may have to disconnect the odd device in order to maintain picture integrity or connection speed.


Thanks again.