On demand stopping.....


Heres a beauty.

Got Optik a week ago, continually losing signal ( error code on screen).  Happens on more than 1 TV at the same time, so eliminates interior wiring.  Replaced PVR as it showed error codes + Gateway (modem).  Problem still exists.  Checked light ( fiber connection ) it is fine.  You can start an on demand TV show ( Street Outlaws, on 2 TV's at the same time........they quit within 40 minutes....same test with 3 additional on demand shows, same results.  .  I do have 2 switches in the network, but neither on a TV having this problem  

I did read on the forums to reboot equipment in order of Gateway ( modem) - PVR - any wifi boosters- any other STB's in that order.  Still no change

So its not PVR / Modem / wiring / fiber.....


Live TV Fine / Internet Fine / PVR fine......On Demand....not so fine. I am stumped