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Netflix linking

Just Moved In
It has been one issue after another since we signed up for this Optik Bundle.
I had followed the instructions to link our Netflix after we received the tv box, and it’s supposed to be included with our Core + Premium (shows on the bill).
Went to watch and said we needed to subscribe to Netflix and when I tried to figure out what’s going on, it’s been so infuriating to solve the problem. My Telus app isn’t working and i’m just at a loss as to how to go about it. Looks like i got charged for Netflix again on my cc and honestly I would not recommend Telus to anyone. More infuriating than it’s worth. But we’re stuck with you for 2 years 🤷🏻‍:female_sign:


I don't have Netflix so on that cannot comment. I had Prime before and I had to log into prime to get it to link to the remote button. I have since opted for Disney and had to create an account (user and password) there even tough it is included in the Telus package. I can go to Prime or Disney directly online without going thru Telus using those user & passwords.

I mention this to ask if you needed to create a login with a user and password even though you subscribed thru Telus.