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HDMI Cables




I'm having a very puzzling problem. I have the 4K Optik setup on a Samsung 4K television. I hooked it up with a 4K HDMI cable but got the message it wasn't good enough and the picture was going to be adjusted to a lower quality.


I got a good HDMI 4K cable (3M) and hooked it up but I'm still being told it isn't good enough. I don't know where to go from here. Is there a specific type of cable I need or a maker? What can I do to fix the problem. Also, I don't get a cable any longer than necessary to hook them up. This one is 6 feet.


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Community Power User


  1. Was the message about adjusted quality one that came from the TV or the Optik box?
  2. Is the 4K Optik box set to 4K in the settings? If it isn't and you change it to 4K does that make a difference?
  3. There isn't a lot of 4K content yet but if you actually try watch something that is 4K, does anything change?
  4. Is the Optik box directly connected to the TV or do you have another device in between like a receiver?

HDMI cables are more or less all the same these days. While it is still possible to find an old HDMI 1.4 spec cable, most are 2.0 now. 2.0 is what you want for 4K. You can buy them almost everywhere but some places are much more of a rip off than others, like BestBuy, Walmart etc. One source of reasonably priced cables is They do have 4K specific HDMI cables (HDMI 2.0). (I am not affiliated with that website but I do buy most of my cables there.)

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Well, I went ahead and got a certified high speed 8K 2.1 cable and that seemed to solve the problem. The message appeared to come from the tv but it was hard to tell. It's the cable that runs from the cable box to the tv. Seems the requirements were higher than the old tv. I did some 4k and 8k Youtube tests and they came out well, telling me I was running at 4K, so I think it's fixed. Thanks to you and everyone for the tips and help.