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Current Free Previews


I started and updated a thread like this over on the SHAW forums when I was a SHAW customer so I figured I would start one here now that I am with Telus. I get my free preview updates from a couple of different sources and they are usually 100% correct. If any of these free previews have been confirmed to be available on Telus I will make a note of this.


September 1 to September 30 - Adult Swim and History ( both are currently available on Telus )

October 1 to October 31 - Showcase, HGTV and YTV ( only Showcase and HGTV are confirmed to be available on Telus )

November 1 to November 30 - W Network and Food Network ( only the W Network is confirmed to be available on Telus )





NHL Centre Ice is having a free preview from September 24th to October 17th. No word yet as to which cable companies will make it available.

Unfortunately Telus is not carrying the current NHL Centre Ice free preview. I just checked all the Centre Ice channels and nothing is coming through.  😡