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Making the Most of Neighbourhood Ideas

Neighbourhood Alum
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What is Neighbourhood Ideas?

A portion of the Neighbourhood set up specifically to share ways to improve your TELUS experience. As a Neighbourhood neighbour, you can submit your ideas to the community for discussion. Everything is fair game, so bring it on.


What makes a good idea?

A good idea illustrates a problem and a solution. This helps us (and others) see the area of opportunity, as well as how you propose it be addressed. Bonus marks if you can characterize the impact of the problem or size of the benefit - is this something that impacts a lot of customers, or a certain type of customer?


What will we do with all the ideas?

We’ll use your ideas to make your TELUS experience—and everyone else’s—smarter, faster, friendlier, and more. There’s no guarantee we’ll implement every idea, but they are all read, reviewed, and considered. To let you know where your idea stands, it’ll have a “status” showing if it’s currently under consideration, needs clarification, or is being implemented.


How do I vote for an idea I like?

You vote for an idea by “Liking” it. An idea with lots of likes is one that we know the Neighbourhood is eager to see implemented.


Can I edit or delete my comments?

Your comments can be edited, but not deleted—so remember to be constructive and helpful when discussing an idea.

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