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CRTC- Comment - general operating practices and policies - Additional Fees for Credit Card Payments

Friendly Neighbour

Case number: 304101
Date submitted: 2022-08-29

Intervention in: Opposition
Comments: Dear Sir/Madam, I strongly object to adding a 1.5 percent surcharge for paying cellphone bills using a credit card as proposed by Telus and slated to be approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). This proposal disproportionately affects people without ready access to computer/internet services and banking and banking services. This includes rural Canadians and Indigenous peoples, the working poor, women, and BIPOC and all of those within the intersectionality. Any proposal to a national federal regulator such as the CRTC should consider the specific and unique effects on marginalized people and women. There are excellent government processes and resources available that are part of the Government of Canada?s alleged commitment to using GBA+ in the development of policies. Assuming that everyone has access to a computer and internet to bank remotely is ridiculous. It is forcing people to either buy more of Telus products (internet services) , where available and reliable, in order to avoid surcharges from the same. People who live or work remotely do pay their bills via telephone and need to be able to pay with credit cards. Until such time as it is a human right to have a computer and working internet access? This proposal needs to be shot down. I would like to see what Telus actually pays in processing fees for credit cards against their profits. This is a blatant cash grab where a telecommunications company is suspiciously and overly confident in constant government support in their pursuit of endless corporate profit. This week I have only intermittent internet service (Shaw service issues) and no vehicle. I would have to pay my bill via phone with my credit card in order to avoid negatively impacting my credit. I should not have to pay extra because I live in an area with poor internet service and do not maintain a vehicle just to drive the 45mins to the nearest bank branch. Solid NO, Michelle Tanguay Rossland, BC, Canada


It's definitely a hot topic and some vendors tackle this in different ways (such as service fees/building it into the cost of services/etc). But there are ways to avoid getting dinged with the proposed Credit Card processing fees like:

  • Paying Through your Bank (One-Time Bank Payment)
  • Pre-Authorized Chequing (Recurring Bank Payment)
  • Visa Debit
  • Visa Prepaid
  • Mastercard Prepaid