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unsolicited NORTON VPN emails from TELUS on my Mail.

Friendly Neighbour

RE: unrelenting marketing from TELUS: copy of text follows:

You are not protected, ...(Name)...
Set up your TELUS Online Security
account immediately to help defend
your online privacy and devices
with bank-grade encryption.

"Connect safely and privately with Norton Secure VPN"


For the sweet love of God: does anyone know how to stop these emails?

I spoke with Telus support 1st week of March and was reassured I would be removed from the telemarketing list: no such luck: have received two in the last week: the text has changed someone (from alarmist visual sometimes used by scammers) to a simpler format, but still, insisting that I purchase a VPN to protect myself: it was sent under my partners name (not even mine) and arrives at least one a week. If Telus is so concerned about cyber security, maybe they should update and improve their service on a programming level.

Any thoughts? (pls no more going through the customer service entry level: they talk to me like a 'don't know nuthin'"




@Lib Just  ignore them and delete

Just Moved In

I want to UNSUBSCRIBE!!  Why am I forced to get an email from Telus about programming, or new shows, or Norton VPN or??? I get one or two emails every day.  Stop the emails!!