sound/picture sync in browser, guide issues




I often watch telus optik TV in a web browser. Synchronization problems are highly frequent. Is this a side effect of still using the outdated Flash technology? Flash is barely supported anymore and is generally discouraged due to security flaws. When are you moving to HTML5 video? 


Also, any plans to improve the guide on web? Suggestions:

1) add custom guides. There's way too many channels to have to scroll through, particularly where the guide has some glitch where it scrolls back to the first channel really frequently. If you are going to channel 800 or 900 the guide is so clunky.

2) maybe allow a way to just jump directly to a channel. If you have custom guides this will be less needed.

3) the "Filter by" bar is pretty useless. Why not filter by news channels, sports channels, movie channels, etc? There is already a sports category but when I click it it doesn't even include all the SportsNet channels (I'm looking at it right now - it only includes SN Pacific for some reason). All the other categories show next to nothing. 


That's about it for now.





One other thing - why not supply flyover info on a block in the guide when you do a mouse hover?

Are you connected by WiFi or Ethernet? I don't watch Optik in a browser very often but when I do it's on my desktop connected by Ethernet. Never noticed lagging between video and audio.

I've given up on the navigation functionality of the browser player. This is why I don't use it very often. The number of times feature shows are actually the ones I want to watch is exactly zero. It's a waste of space. I always need to go to the guide and scroll for the show I want. It would be great if I could configure a list of channels to choose from every time I start the player. That's really all I need. Instead I have to wait for all the graphics to load for all the shows I absolutely never want to watch, then navigate past them to get to the guide.

For instance, I want to watch the hockey game. I look at the Sports category and the game I want to watch is NEVER featured. It should know I live in Calgary and that I want to watch the Flames game. Yet the Flames game is NEVER in the Sports category. It's only the Eastern team games. Stupid.

Hey @xray - thanks for responding.


Gigabit ethernet - distance - about 5 m of cable to router. Powerful computer, lots of RAM, SSD, high end video card.


Yeh, the guide is terrible. The problem is that cable companies long ago decided that in an attempt to get people to upgrade packages/tiers they needed to show as many shows as possible in the guide so that people would click on them, then find out they aren't subscribed, and then hopefully subscribe. I'm pretty sure this is why they make the guide management so painful or non-existent. As channel choice has expanded, the guide experience gets worse and worse.


In a perfect world, outsiders could develop UIs that used backend cable co APIs to develop decent guides. I've spent about 5 minutes looking at the network traffic from their web app trying to make some sense of it. Probably can't do anything without some dox.