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Port Bridging not working after T3200M updated to firmware 31.164L.22

Just Moved In

My T3200M is setup to port bridge on port 1 to an ASUS router.

On 3/16/2021 10:55PM, a firmware update was pushed to the T3200M upgrading to 31.164L.22.

Now port bridging doesn't appear to work, with the ASUS router no longer "seeing" the Internet, even after reboot.

On the T3200M I've: rebooted, turned port bridging off/on, factory reset.  Port bridging is still inoperative.


Anyone else encountered this issue?


Just Moved In

Turns out the issue was an IP conflict between the ASUS and T3200M.  Re-did the reset, bridge porting on the T3200M. ASUS is now connecting as expected.  All is well.