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Modem does a Random reset lose connection on all Wi-Fi devices Takes up to an hour for complete restoration Boosters take the longest to come back


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is this at a particular time of day, or at varying times? Even if it did a reboot, it should not take more than a few minutes for devices to reconnect. I suggest keeping track of when & how long, so when you contact Telus for resolution of the issue, you have some information gathered so they can better troubleshoot the problem.


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Thanks I found out the wireless TVs are on a different part of the wifi network than the rest of my wireless devices as they and the 2 boosters take the longest to come up.I was on the phone with support for almost 2 hours and the only solution I got was a total rest of the system It still goes down every so often I will take your advise on tracking the times and days and get back in touch with support 



Do you still have this issue?



No I left Telus except for the security system I now have issues connecting the doorbell and outside camera connecting to my new modem