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Google Maps - How to solve Organization Administrator issue

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hey everyone! We’ve noticed a few threads pop up from customers having trouble getting access to their Personal Google account data (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Photos, YouTube, etc.).


This issue is typically caused by an error known as “conflicting accounts” (otherwise known as the “Please contact your Organization Administrator” issue. It happens when the TELUS email was used as the login to the personal Google account. Each account must have its own unique login or else the system wouldn’t know which account you’re trying to access.


Not to worry though, this can easily be resolved by following the steps below on how to rename your personal Google account.


Step 1: Add another account


  1. From your TELUS email inbox, on the top right corner, click on the button that has your initial
  2. Select Add another account




Step 2. Sign in to your account
On the sign-in page, you will have to enter an email address with the domain Follow these steps:


  1. Take note of your TELUS email address:
  2. Replace the @ sign with the % sign. You now have:
  3. Enter that information in the username field and add at the end to complete it, as shown in the image
  4. Select Next




Step 3: Enter your Google account password

Enter your Google account password and select Next



  • This is not the password you recently created for your TELUS email powered by Google. This is the password you used in the past to access your Google services. 
  • Forgot password? If you don’t remember when or why you created a Google account, chances are you don’t remember your password. Select Forgot password? and follow the various prompts from Google to recover the account.




Step 4: Change your password

You will then be asked to enter and re-enter a new password.




Step 5: Sign out of your account

On the Google account homepage, click on your initial at the top right and sign out of your account




Step 6: Sign in again

Sign in again with the same credentials you just created




Step 7: Choose an email address to access your account

This is where you choose an email address to use going forward to access your Google services.

  • Select An account with Gmail and New Gmail address and click Continue.


Note: If you already have another Gmail account, unfortunately, you will not be able to use it to complete this step. You will have to create a new account


  • If you do not wish to create an email address with Google (ending in, you can choose the option “An account that uses a non-Google email address you already own.” This includes any other email address you have that isn’t a Gmail address or a address. This email address will then become your username when signing in to Google service not connected to your TELUS email




Step 8: Choose your Gmail address

  1. Enter your name
  2. Choose your Gmail address
  3. Enter mobile phone and your current email address 
  4. Select Submit

Note: The information you enter in the field “Your current email address” will be used as a way to retrieve this account in the future. You may use your TELUS email address in this field.




Step 9: Access Google services

  • Access your Google services
  • Once you complete the previous step, you will land on the Gmail page
  • Select the 9-dot icon on the top right corner to see the list of Google services you have access to with your new account

Note: If you’re unsure as to which Google services you had created this account for, go to




How to toggle between both accounts

Google makes it easy to toggle between accounts. 

  1. Simply click on your initials on the top right-hand corner. You will then be able to select the account you want to use.



  • If you sign in with you will now have access to your TELUS email, calendar, and contacts
  • If you sign in with you will have access to any other Google services you were previously using with your TELUS email address. You no longer need to use the temporary email address (


For more tip & tricks related to the migration to Google visit our TELUS email setup & help with migration support page



Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus purchases Google's services, so it's not as simple as turning feature on or off.


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