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TELUS Home Service Vacation Suspension

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Planning a road trip? Spending your summer at the lake house? First off...super jealous. Second...we've got you covered with our TELUS Vacation Suspension of Service.

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What's a vacation suspension?

As an alternative to canceling your service(s), you can suspend them which allows you to keep your phone number and telus.net email address at a reduced rate.


Is there a charge?

Yes. There is a $15/month charge for each service you are suspending. If however you're also a SmartHome Security client, there is no charge to suspend your other services! (note: SmartHome Security itself cannot be placed on vacation suspension).




How long can I put my services on vacation suspension?

You can suspend your services for a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months, and can suspend them once every 12 months. 


Will my home security system still work?

If you currently subscribe to a non-TELUS home security service, and that service requires your phone line or High Speed internet to work, you'll need to leave that particular service active.


Can I check my voicemail while I’m gone?

No. All calling features, including voicemail, are suspended entirely.


Will I have access to my email?

Yes! Your telus.net email address remains active and you can access your emails anywhere in the world via webmail.


What happens if I come back early?

Just give us 48 hours notice of the date change and we’ll have your services working when you return.


I received a free gift or discounted pricing when I signed up. Will I be charged a cancellation fee?

Nope! Because you’re only suspending your service temporarily, there's no cancellation fee. Plus, vacation suspension does not extend the length of your service agreement.


How do I suspend service?

That part's easy! Give us a call at 1-888-811-2323 or contact us via Live Chat online over at www.telus.com/assist from a computer browser and we’ll help you out there.

Let us watch over everything while you’re away and most importantly, enjoy!





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Do you have to suspend all services on account? Eg. Internet/TV client wants to suspend TV service only needs Internet active for IP security monitoring?