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Support and customer service non existent

Just Moved In

Who do you call to make a complaint about service with this company ? I have tried all the numbers on their website. It is impossible to find anything online. Calling them is useless. Had our system updated and they showed up with half the products that were on the contract. Left us with no functioning smoke detectors. 


Finally got their customer " escalation dept" what a crock .. zero help, zero solutions other than wanting to charge me full price for smoke detectors they were supposed to include in the package. 


Rescheduled for smoke alarm install. Tech was a no show .. no call, no text, nothing. Called customer service, they see the appointment, no solution again. We will get back to you. 2 days later still no call back .. called to find out what's going on.. can't get anyone in customers service. 


looked at bank account and found multiple charges that make no sense by ADT over 2 day period. Cannot reach accounting dept .. 


What the hell kind of service are you providing for people. It is ridiculous that we have to pay you for wasting so much time trying to deal with Telus / ADT incompetence. 


Very frustrated 


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hey BRod, we're really sorry to hear about all of this and we want to make sure your concerns get resolved. Can you please send our Social Media team a private message on our official TELUS Facebook or TELUSSupport Twitter page with a link to your neighbourhood post? Thanks!