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Cameras going OFFLINE regularly

Just Moved In

Well every telus tech had ideas, but still going OFFLINE once or twice a month needing to be power reset EACH AND EVERY TIME!
These wifi cameras SUCK.
Even the zwaive in my 900 sqf house has problems reaching all locks and windows. What a piece of garbage.
The rech that installed, setup account wrong and I have had CONSTANT PROBLEMS.

KenMc a former telus tech!

What kind of camera you currently have? Are you using internet from Telus as well? If so what kind of gateway or modem do you have with which firmware version on it?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! Sorry about that...have you been able to get a resolution to this issue? We recommend reaching out directly to our SmartHome Security team at 1-855-255-8828 so they can look into escalating this for you!